Question: Why are mortgages so darn complex? 

Answer: Because banks like it that way.

In other words, it's a mortgage entirely on their terms (pun intended) chock full of legal jargon and words you will never ever use again in your life (who is the 'mortgagee' and who is the 'mortgagor' and do I have that spelled correctly?)

The person on the other side of the desk that you're meeting with is employed by the bank to look out for their interests and as they are walking you through the ridiculously large document that they are asking you to sign in 57 different places, you realize that you are not in control of the situation and as you get up to leave, you find that you now have more unanswered questions than when you came in. 

Is this any way to approach what might be the biggest financial decision of your life? 

Heck, no – that's why we're here – welcome to A Simpler Mortgage. Because that's what we do – we make mortgages simpler. We'll gladly hold your hand through the entire process from beginning to end. 

And why do we do this?

Because we work for you, not the bank.

Click here to book a 15 minute call to discuss your situation. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance your existing home, we're here to answer all of your questions as simply as possible.


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