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Warmer weather, budding greenery and more daylight are the cornerstones of the spring season and work together to bring buyers out of their winter hibernation. As buyers prepare to begin house hunting, it's time to get your home market ready! 

1. Fertilize and overseed your lawn.

Your lawn is one of the first things about your home that potential buyers notice. Sparse, dead, or weed-ridden lawns can raise suspicions about the house’s internal upkeep. Make your home’s first impression a strong one by preparing your lawn for spring germination and ensuring a lush carpet of green come April and May.

2. Deep clean appliances (fridge, dishwasher, oven…)

Believe it or not, buyers sometimes open up and check appliances during open houses. Throw out old foods, remove pots and pans from the oven and dishwasher, and give all appliances a deep clean to get rid of any lingering smells.

3. Clean your windows.

Get rid of caked on dust or water scales lingering on your windows. Hire a professional window cleaning company to get at second and third floor windows that often don’t get a thorough clean. Don’t forget to clean out the tracks and grooves around your windows where dirt, grime, and bugs can settle.

4. Clean your carpets.

Pet stains, dander, and old stains linger in your carpet’s fibers and can produce smells and aggravate allergies in potential buyers that walk through your home. Large stains and damaged areas should be patched or steamed out to help bring your home’s flooring back to as brand new as possible.  

5. Declutter closets and storage spaces.

Have you been using your closets, garage, or basement spaces as storage lockers for things you no longer use? Clean out the clutter by donating old and unused items to local charities or putting them to the curb on garbage day. Increasing your home’s usable space can make your home seem bigger to potential buyers — and can lighten your load come moving day.

6. Recaulk around your bathroom and kitchen.

Cracked, missing or moldy caulking around your kitchen and bathroom sink or showers can be at best unsightly and at worst signs of deeper plumbing issues. If these areas are just suffering from some old caulking wearing away, grab a caulk kit from your local hardware store and get to work revitalizing those areas for a brand-new looking kitchen and bath area. Make sure the damage is only cosmetic before you reseal these areas, though — check for leaks around the area and repair the damages.  

7. Reseal or resurface driveways.  

Cracking and fading on your driveway can be unsightly and may even lead to bigger problems if cracks are allowed to go unchecked. Get your driveway resealed or resurfaced depending on its condition as the warmer weather lets you get a glimpse at whatever damage the previous winter months may have left behind due to salt, snow, and plows.