Selling your home, made simple

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Selling your home, simplified

Your home is one of your life's biggest assets, and selling it can be one of your life's largest transactions. We're here to make sure your home hits the market ready to sell — and sell for the best price possible.

1. Timing the market

It is important to be ready when opportunity knocks. You want to sell under the best conditions for the market and yourself. Waiting for a seller's market and poising yourslef to have a high demand product when there is low supply will be in your favour.

2. Setting the price

We all want top dollar for our home. At the end of the day, it is the buyer who decides what the home is worth. Pricing your home too high can leave it sitting on the market, but pricing it just right can meet demand and increase its price.

3. Staging the home

Staged homes show better than other homes competing for the same market space. Our realtors can find hidden value in your home to ensure you get the best sale price possible in any market.

5. Buy first...

Some sellers may want to buy their next home prior to selling their current one. This eliminates the stress of finding the 'perfect' home under a deadline. However, it also creates the financial stress of owning two homes until the former is sold.

4. Planning your marketing strategy

Online marketing tools and listing services are just two of the strongest selling platforms in real estate today. Our realtors work to make sure the marketing dollars for your home are spent correctly and maximizes your value.

7. Listing your home for sale

Once your home hits the market, your home will be available for open houses and showings to prospective buyers. Our realtors will make sure your home's interior and exterior curb appeal is show stopping!

6. ... or sell first?

Other sellers may choose to sell first before buying their next home. This allows a clear budget for future purchases without additional financial burden. However, these sellers may find themselves rushed to find a new home before their old house closes.

9. Home inspection

The most common condition you can prepare for is a home inspection. Make sure that there are no major deficiencies within your home, and that it is in excellent condition.

8. Receiving an offer

Once an offer is received, we want to make sure you do not settle for less than market value. Factors such from local to neighbourhood market values affect the sale price of your home, and we fight to make sure you receive a fair offer for your home.

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Our realtors are here to make selling your home as stress-free and educational as possible. We want your home to sell for the best price and that you are fully satisfied with the transaction. Ready to get started? Talk to one of our realtors today!

10. Getting ready for closing

Congratulations! Remember to forward your mail to your new address and change the location of your utilities. Make sure to provide the new homeowners with a clean home and list of any important details, keys, or manuals they may need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a realtor to sell my house? Can I sell on my own?

You can absolutely list, market, and sell your house on your own and without the help of any realtor. However, using a realtor gives a seller access to systems such as the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and other realtor-exclusive marketing outlets. Realtors also provide invaluable knowledge of the real estate market, including timing the sale of your house and negotiating competitive bidding, to ensure top dollar.

When should I sell my house?

The real estate market most often reaches its peak during spring and summer, decreasing slightly as winter approaches. While climate can affect the number of houses on the market, thereby increasing or decreasing competition and number of buyers, the time of your sale largely depends on your desired outcome and market conditions. Contact us to speak with one of our agents to find out when is the best time to list your house!

My house has been on the market for too long. Why isn't it selling?

Your house may be sitting on the market for many reasons. Some of the most common are bad marketing, bad pricing, or it doesn't present well to potential buyers. Bad marketing can result in your house not reaching the searching eyes of potential buyers, while bad pricing and bad presentation can reduce your house's appeal. With our knowledge and experience in the London market, our realtors can offer top tier marketing strategies and advice to sell your house quicker and for more.

Is hiring a realtor expensive? 

A common misconception is that hiring a realtor adds extra expenses to the home buying process. However, while not all realtors operate in the same way, most often realtor fees are paid by the seller and included in the overall closing costs of the home. This means you should never have to worry about cutting your realtor a check for their help! 

How much is my house worth?

The price of any home varies based on its size, features, nearby amenities, age, neighbourhood, and much more. The state of the market also affects the value of your home. Pricing your home to hit that "sweet spot" can be a tedious calculation. We all want top dollar for our most expensive asset. However, pricing your house too high can leave your home to linger on the market. If the market is competitive, pricing lower can actually attract multiple bidders and dramatically increase your home's selling price. If the market is relatively stagnant, pricing low can leave thousands (even hundreds of thousands!) of dollars on the table. ​

Contact us today for your free home evaluation to quickly know how much we think your home is worth in today's market.​Always know what your biggest asset is worth by signing up for our annual home wealth report. By signing up, we will provide you with a personalized report of your home's current status in your city's current real estate market. By always knowing your home's worth you can choose the best time to sell, buy, or invest. Sign up today!​